Welcome to M.E. Owen’s universe!

I write science fiction, fantasy, and mystery (with occasional forays into poetry). I mostly write short (stories and novellas), but have now published my first novel, Survival Instincts.

You can find me wherever you buy your books online.

What’s new?

Zion Station returns, with Volume 2 of the Zion Chronicles!

These five stories bring us past, present, and glimmers of possible futures. The final days of Jones’s dead husband, his sacrifice to protect his wife and friends, and the shocking repercussions in the present day. The beginnings of the cargo ship Far Trails as its crew fights for their lives. And deep in the atmosphere of the planet below, hidden from everyone, a rogue AI in a stolen starship makes first contact with bizarre alien lifeforms.

Plus, the station-bred, straight-shooting Jones meets her first chickadee. 

The Zon Chronicles, Volume 2, by M.E. Owen

Coming soon!

More Zion Station! I’ll be rolling out more short stories, and 2024 will bring the third Zion Chronicles collection!