Survival Instincts: Daniel Bennett Book 1

Former cop Daniel Bennett has survived a brutal jail sentence only to find himself stranded on a backwater colony planet. Outcast, homeless, and desperate, his survival depends on becoming a host for parasitic juvenile aliens.

The juveniles look like spiders – an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare.

And when he discovers that his only friend on the planet stands accused of a grisly double murder, Daniel must unravel the truth before his friend is shipped back to the hellish penal station.

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I’m a regular contributor to this fun anthology magazine. Many of my stories here are set in my new Zion Station universe.

“Incident On Selvia 6-C” – BSQ 014: Space Marines

“The Preserve” (Zion Station) – BSQ 013: Solarpunk

“Last Days” (Zion Station) – BSQ 012: Lawmen and Crimefighters

“The Third Imperative Rule” – BSQ 011: What Might Have Been

“Sleeping Janine” (Zion Station) – BSQ 010: Homo Futuris

“Loud and Friends” (Zion Station) – BSQ 009: Alien Dreams

“Other Roots into Unaccustomed Earth” – BSQ 008: Asteroid Miners and Comet Wildcatters

“Unto the Ether” (reprint) – BSQ 007: Apocalypse Descending

“Birthday Bash” (Zion Station) – BSQ 006: Ray Guns And Space Babes

“Dirigibles at L5” (Zion Station) – BSQ 005: Boneyard of Lost Dreams

“Two White Horses” (Zion Station) – BSQ 004: Robots and Androids and Cyborgs, Oh My…

“The Ship Within The Ship” (Zion Station) – BSQ 003: Grand Theft Starship

“Incident on Fast-Tram 72x-5” – BSQ 002: Tuesday After Next

“Ne Plus Ultra (Zion Station)”- BSQ 001: Captain’s Log

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