Survival Instincts: Daniel Bennett Book 1

Former cop Daniel Bennett has survived a brutal jail sentence only to find himself stranded on a backwater colony planet. Outcast, homeless, and desperate, his survival depends on becoming a host for parasitic juvenile aliens.

The juveniles look like spiders – an arachnophobe’s worst nightmare.

And when he discovers that his only friend on the planet stands accused of a grisly double murder, Daniel must unravel the truth before his friend is shipped back to the hellish penal station.

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Short Stories/novellas

The Last Rule of Survival: A Daniel Bennett Prequel

This prequel story to Survival Instincts finds Daniel Bennett serving hard time on the Holt penal station. Outed as a former cop, he doesn’t stand a chance.

His survival requires that he give up who he is – a good cop and honorable man – and become even more ruthless than the dregs of humanity that surround him. Instead, he attempts a precarious balancing act between Bennett the cop and Bennett the convict.

But when an asteroid mining accident leaves him and two convicts adrift and short of air, he must choose. Cop or con?

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Boundary Shock Quarterly  here

I’m a regular contributor to this fun anthology magazine. Many of my stories here are set in my new Zion Station universe.

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“Loud and Friends” (Zion Station) – BSQ 009: Alien Dreams

“Other Roots into Unaccustomed Earth” – BSQ 008: Asteroid Miners and Comet Wildcatters

“Unto the Ether” (reprint) – BSQ 007: Apocalypse Descending

“Birthday Bash” (Zion Station) – BSQ 006: Ray Guns And Space Babes

“Dirigibles at L5” (Zion Station) – BSQ 005: Boneyard of Lost Dreams

“Two White Horses” (Zion Station) – BSQ 004: Robots and Androids and Cyborgs, Oh My…

“The Ship Within The Ship” (Zion Station) – BSQ 003: Grand Theft Starship

“Incident on Fast-Tram 72x-5” – BSQ 002: Tuesday After Next

“Ne Plus Ultra (Zion Station)”- BSQ 001: Captain’s Log

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Items linked in the story itself are free to read.

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