Dirigibles at L5

A Zion Station Story

A mysterious distress signal sends Zion Station police chief Pilar Jones y Garcia, along with the crew of the Far Trails and a downsized copy of Zion's rogue AI Max, four billion kilometers away to the system's ship graveyard.

The signal originates from the Suyash, a state-of-the-art gas mining ship that mysteriously disappeared four years ago, presumed lost with all hands in Galtus's tumultuous atmosphere. And now just as mysteriously reappeared in the graveyard.

What Jones, Max, Skip and the others discover while investigating the Suyash will confront them with an even bigger conundrum.

Dirigibles at L5, fourth in M.E. Owen's Zion Station series, finds Jones and her friends presented with a history-changing opportunity—but only if they handle it exactly right.