The Ship Within the Ship

A Zion Station Story

Captain Skip Thompson, cargo specialist without a ship. It's been stolen right out of Davadas Station's space dock. His ship, its cargo, its other cargo, in that order of increasing importance.

And it's heading fast for the nearest Jump point. If it goes through, it's gone for good. The ship and cargo can be replaced, but the losing the other cargo will get Skip killed.

With his crew in the brig and the Davadas sheriff refusing to help, his only assistance comes from a friend with a corporate yacht and his intense—fine, downright scary—passenger, who has secrets of her own. Secrets which entwine Skip's fate with that of an entire planet.

They have six scant hours to catch up to Skip's ship, board, and regain control before it jumps. 

The Ship Within the Ship, third in M.E. Owen's Zion Station series, introduces Skip and the Far Trails in a fast-paced chase in deep space.