The Zion Chronicles, Volume 2

Zion Station. Slowly decaying in a backwater of human space, now only useful as support for the methane mining industry that operates in the atmosphere of the gas giant planet below.

But Zion harbors secrets that could topple the Consortium, Earth’s oppressive, genocidal empire.

Zion’s saga continues, as Police Chief Pilar Jones y Garcia and her friends continue to protect those secrets with their lives and work toward bringing down the Consortium.

The stories within bring us past, present, and glimmers of possible futures. The final days of Jones’s dead husband, his sacrifice to protect his wife and friends, and the shocking repercussions in the present day. The beginnings of the cargo ship Far Trails as its crew fights for their lives. And deep in the atmosphere of the planet below, hidden from everyone, a rogue AI in a stolen starship makes first contact with bizarre alien lifeforms.

Plus, the station-bred, straight-shooting Jones meets her first chickadee.