Catching up

So … it’s been awhile. I’ve been writing stories for Boundary Shock Quarterly (Check it out!). Most of them are set in my Zion Station universe, and at some point I’ll start putting them together. Gonna be fun!

Like many of us, I’m working from home. And like many of us, I’m watching this year’s events unfold with a mix of disbelief, horror and frustration. “May you live in interesting times” is a curse and not a blessing for a reason, and these times are definitely interesting.

On the home front, Kudra the turtle is fine, as is her friend Pip, and her bird cousins. It’s summer, so the deck garden is going gangbusters. I’ve been harvesting squash and beans, and the occasional tomato (tomatoes are hit-and-miss in the Pacific NW). And this year I have lots of flowers, because flowers make me happy.

These are Schizanthus. They’re quite small, prolific, and colorful. Too bad I can’t pronounce their name!