Plot Twist Story Bundle

I’m in my first story bundle! To be precise, Boundary Shock 001 is in the SF Plot Twist Bundle, and my story “Ne Plus Ultra” is in BSQ 001.

The deal is that you pay what you want, as little as $5.00, and you get four books, including Boundary Shock Quarterly. All science fiction, and all with twisty plots. If you pay $15, you get SIX ADDITIONAL books.

Yep, ten books for as little as $15. Or you can pay more 🙂

And a portion of the price goes to a worthwhile charity, in this case AbleGamers.

These are great writers, folks, and great stories! I’ve bought a bunch of bundles over the years, and have never been disappointed. The offer ends on August 23rd, so don’t dawdle!

Here’s the link again (in case you missed it): SF Plot Twist Story Bundle